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Liyuan advised Catherine not to go there by herself. His ex-wife obtained a court order that forbid him from coming closer than 200 yards. Does Jakob like your new haircut? She's in the restroom. She has a crush on this boy. Heavy taxes are laid on wine.

He, as well as his sister, are invited to the party. Our grandchildren will love it. I just want to visit them.

I'd like to have breakfast with you. Take this or that. Lindsay needs to make up his mind quickly. The plane still hasn't taken off.

The coach doesn't know who the tallest student is. I'm waiting to hear from Romain. Every person has a right to defend themselves. I met Ken at the park. To be always ready for war, said Mentor, is the surest way to avoid it. I really thought I could do it. Did Tigger say why he gave it to you?

But your wish is the most original! Sedovic felt like giving up. Morton hasn't committed any serious crimes. I'm not going to press charges. Cyrus looked a little hurt. Don't speak to him like that. Wilson kept looking at you. Didn't you notice? I've already filed my report.

I climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji. What were you planning on doing today?

Take Jennifer for example. The lecture was very long, but I enjoyed it none the less. The old woman is too weak to get out of bed. Liisa is so absorbed in her book that she sees or hears nothing. Is everything all right up there? Did her husband study or work in Germany?

There are a lot of places to see in Hokkaido. Even if God didn't exist, it would be again nice to have been created. I really like this song.

That blow on the head knocked him out cold. Amazing! This moving a story is a first for me! It's truly an epic among epics! We live on the 7th floor. The picnic was put off on account of rain. We'd like to speak to him. Masanobu is very spiteful and gives Billie the cold shoulder for days after the slightest disagreement between them.

Have you seen today's paper? I saw him first. I thought you found them. My father makes good use of his time. He has a friendly nature. How long are you going to be gone this time? Unity in diversity. I will not unload the car because other workers have to do that. Russell hardly ever breaks a promise.

We often watch TV while we're eating breakfast. Certainly, these things are true. It's because you're a guy. We appreciate your patience. People are judged by their skin colour. Seenu doesn't speak French, does he? The police want to interrogate Rajeev. I feel smart today, to a degree that is in proportion to the amount of good rest I had yesterday. They wanted me out of the way.